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World Cup VIII
zofiDate: Su, 2013 Sep 01, 6:59 PM | Message # 1
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cups official site

Cup Rules:

This is the official rule board related to the sa-mp cup and the world cup. Note that every player has to adhere to these rules throughout every match and that failing to do so will result in a player or even a clan disqualification. Officials will do their best to keep these guide lines complied, but if you notice any rule being broken feel free to call attention to this.
Remember that fair-play comes at first place in these tournaments.

Match related:

-All matches must be held in any official server
-Minimal two official referees must be present to obvserve both teams, feel free to request player specs
-15 minutes before the match is officially starting both teams + officials should be online already. Any sort of preparation, questions, tests, squad settings and discussions can be solved within these 15 mins so that we can directly start when its supposed to start.
-8 rounds, no interiors + 1 random arena.
-The minimum amount of players participating is 4 vs 4, if you can't afford them the match will be cancelled/postponed or you will loose by forfeit
-1 spas and 1 sniper per team, no knives, no nades
-CP time: 25 seconds
-No heli bombing, vehicle self-explode, carpark or driveby. HP taken by vehicle damage will be refilled
-If a player times out officials will pause and we'll wait 4 minutes for the player to return. If he doesn't reconnect by that time he'll be replaced by a sub
-Maximum time between rounds is 3 minutes. Should be enough to swap/replace and to relieve oneself

- Players can request other players to fraps or to be frapsed by officials. If an official asks a player to fraps he must do so, if not done so or if the footage is not uploaded within the next 24 hours the player gets disqualified. Minimum fps while frapsing stays 30. Preferable you shouldnt fraps your own game if not asked since it'll make you lag. Ask an official if you want a cw video.

- Every player has to have Whitetiger's anti-cheat running when playing a match. ( - If it's not running, the player gets automatically kicked. )

-No sprint bind!
-No /sync abuse.
-Official skins are 170 for attackers and 177 for defenders.

Player and gameplay related

-Bugs allowed:
cbug and fast reload

-Forbidden bugs:
NO slide bug (this includes styling/warping/glitch)
NO map bug, wall bug or climbbug
NO F8 abuse
NO dance bug
NO autoaim (this includes steady aim-perk)

-Minimum fps: 30. If your computer is not able to run the game , don't play it. Fps lower than 30 will cause the gameplay to slow down, shots wont sync anymore and the player starts to lag, so preferable we want all players to play on minimum 30 fps. If your rates drop under 30 or jumps officials will remove you.
The maximum fps is 100, any rates higher than that will speed up your gameplay wich is an unfair advantage.

-Your drawn distance must be set atleast to the half (no seeing through walls)

-The ping limit is 250, turn off all unnecessary programs to get a possible low ping. No fake pings allowed. If your connection is not good enough (warping/jumping) you'll be removed. 350 for people who live far from the host (Brazilians, Koreans).

-Mods allowed:
Weapon texture and sound mods, timecyc

-Forbidden mods:
NO cheat/hack/toggle programs
NO outsized weapon texture or lazer weapons
NO ped or hud mods
NO cleo mods (no matter what effect)
NO fps mods
NO object edit (includes colormods)
NO skin or car mods

Clan and behaviour related

-Only official clans and country teams permitted. No random set up teams or fake clans
-No player faking, if we spot fake players among a team they get banned from the tournament
-Players have to use the same names that they used in the sign-up post.
-Only the players, who are registered on the sign-up post, can play the matches.
-Players must be signed up for the team in the sign-up post for at least a week to play the match. A week will be counted from editing the sign-up post by a referee. So if there's some changes in the playing team, then the post has to edited up to date at least one week before the match. (Will be checked) If you sign up and the cup starts faster than within a week, then the team can play as the post says

-There must be adequate means of contact by the clan's leader. Also, the leader or any member in charge has to speak english decently for reasons of organization.
-All clans have to regulary check back on the forums and post about organization in sufficient time. If we notice clans wasting our time they'll be replaced.
-English in main chat only, no matter what nationality. People who cant communicate with us this way wont be allowed to play.
-Beyond that, any sort of flame/rage/spam will result in a mute, a kick or even a ban. Give it your best to face your opponent with respect, and take a loss with pride.
-The players have to be from the country they are representing. Nationality does not count if you live in another country.

Read these rules 3 times and when you are sure you have fully understood them read them another time. We don't want to waste time by explaining them during matches. Other than that, good luck to all clans/nations!

If you have any suggestions, contact an official!



Round 1:

Russia vs Italy
Germany vs Lithuania
CzechoSlovakia vs Brazil
Portugal vs Poland
Estonia vs Romania
Venezuela vs Turkey
Argentina vs Spain
Peru vs France

Deadline: 8.09.13

Btw lithuanian squad:


Goodluck, about results who goes in next etaps, comin soon.. cool

zofiDate: Su, 2013 Sep 08, 3:54 PM | Message # 2
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Quote (|cH|zofija)
Round 1:

Germany vs Lithuania

[GER] 1:8 [LTU]

Quote (|cH|zofija)
Round 1:

Estonia vs Romania

[EST] 0:9 [RO]

Quote (|cH|zofija)
Round 1:

CzechoSlovakia vs Brazil

[CZE] 3:6 [BRA]

zofiDate: Sa, 2013 Sep 14, 10:31 AM | Message # 3
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Round 1:

Russia vs Italy - 5:4 for Russia
Germany vs Lithuania - 8:1 for Lithuania
CzechoSlovakia vs Brazil - 6:3 for Brazil
Portugal vs Poland - 6:3 for Portugal
Estonia vs Romania - 9:0 for Romania
Mexico vs Turkey - 5:4 for Mexico
Argentina vs Spain - Not played
Peru vs France - 5:2 for Peru

Deadline: 8.09.13

Round 2:

Russia vs Lithuania - Not played
Brazil vs Portugal - Not played
Romania-Moldovia vs Mexico - Not played
Peru vs Scandinavia - Not played

Deadline: 22.09.13

jagu4rsDate: Sa, 2013 Sep 14, 10:37 AM | Message # 4
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Kaip ir visad beast mvp

zofiDate: Mo, 2013 Oct 21, 7:15 PM | Message # 5
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Quote \[cH\]zofija ()
Round 2:

Russia vs Lithuania - RU 4:5 LTU
Brazil vs Portugal - BRA goes through (POR not played)
Romania-Moldovia vs Mexico - 9:0 for Romania-Moldovia (Disqualified)
Peru vs Scandinavia - Peru 4:5 SCA

Peru 4:5 SCA ^ some videos





RU 4:5 LTU^ stream

Watch live video from UnitedArmy18 on TwitchTV

zofiDate: Mo, 2013 Nov 18, 8:27 PM | Message # 6
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Round 3:

Lithuania vs Brazil - Brazil disqualified
Romania-Moldovia vs Scandinavia - 9:0 for Romania-Moldovia

Deadline: 27.10.13


Lithuania vs Romania-Moldovia - 6:3 for Romania-Moldovia

Watch live video from UnitedArmy18 on TwitchTV

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