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General Discussion
Want to introduce yourself, congratulate somone or just want to say hi? This is where you do it.
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Thread: GTA:Tournament 2018
Posted by: zofi
All servers IP & Info
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Thread: cH server
Posted by: zofi
Happy B-DAY
say happy b-day biatch!
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Thread: UNDER
Posted by: [cH]vodka
MP Servers (not GTA)
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Thread: 7Days To Die
Posted by: zofi

Applications to Join cH
This is where you post an application to join our team
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Thread: Application to join cH
Posted by: volkodav
[Denied/Kicked]Applications [Archive]
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Thread: =DENIED=jetro
Posted by: jetro
[Accepted]Applications [Archive]
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Thread: =ACCEPTED=Trainer
Posted by: zofi

Smoke Room
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Thread: SAMP trainings
Posted by: zofi
New Gangstaz
Applicants & New Members
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Thread: =cH= Training Disccusions Pu...
Posted by: zofi
Request a competition.
So you think you got what it takes to challenge us or you want to participate in a tournament with [cH]? This is the place to do it.
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Thread: Some sort of competition! #2
Posted by: zofi

Gangsters Territory
Want to show off your favorite artist, group, etc
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Thread: What are you listening to??
Posted by: [cH]vodka
Show some videos
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Thread: Counter-Strike: Global Offen...
Posted by: Donce
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Thread: Purvinas Anekdotai
Posted by: [cH]vodka
everything is about cH
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Thread: punnnct_
Posted by: zofi
Games discussion
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Thread: Counter-Strike:Global Offensive
Posted by: Trainer

Allies and Enemies.
Enemies and Allies of the [cH] Clan
Our relationship with other teams.
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Thread: Gangs and Organizations
Posted by: [cH]Head-Admin

Admin Area
Ban Appeals
If you feel you have been wrongly banned. Then please post you appeal here.
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Thread: Ban Appeal Format
Posted by: [cH]Head-Admin

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