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Public AutoArena [NL]
zofiDate: Sa, 2013 Jul 27, 9:51 PM | Message # 1
ஜ ۩Global Admin۩ ஜ
Group: Administrators
Messages: 2973
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HostName: Public AutoArena [NL]
Players: 21 / 50
Ping: 46
Mode: 1 (102) vs 8 (700)
Map: Arena: 18

site for more info here

AutoArena Server Help

For a full list of admin/public commands and credits type /help in game.
Some of the starting points are outlined below, some commands might be changed in game so best to use /help for full set of commands.

Gang System

> Create your gang using /creategang command.
> To join a gang use /joingang [Gang Leader ID] command.
> Leave gang using /leavegang, for the gang leader it will also delete the gang.
> Kick player from your gang as a leader using /gangkick [Player Name] command.
> Use /pgang [Full/Part of your Gang Name or Gang ID] to see a list of players in your gang.
> Use /accept to get a player requesting to join your gang.
> To rename your gang name and tag using /renamegang commands.
> To see a list of top 30 gangs use /topgangs command on its own with no parameters.
> To see a list of top 15 gangs for an individual arena use /topgangs [Arena ID] command.
> Use '#' for gang chat.
> In rounds request for help/backup from your gang by pressing 'N'.

Point System

> For every 1 damage you do, you get 1 point and for every 1 HP you lose, you lose 1 point.
> Picking random weapons will give you double points.
> Capturing the checkpoint (CP) will give you 100 extra points.
> Winning team will get extra 100 points and the team that lost loses 100 points.
> If you kill someone you get extra 50 points.
> You lose 500 points for not staying in the arean.
> 3 kills in a row will give you 50 + 150 extra points.
> 5 kills in a row will give you 50 + 350 points.
> If you get the 3x achievement (i.e. the white color) you get 3x more points.

Stats/Round System

> Your stats will not save unless there is 5 or more players on the server.
> You will not lose or gain points by shooting your own gang members.
> Player weapons will spawn after they died, you can pick them up by pressing 'Y'.
> There is 5 second spawn protection after which you get full HP again.
> Double click on player name to view their stats: kills, deaths, gang info, net info, hit sound and etc.
> When round ends you can vote for either Arena using 'Y', TDM using 'H' or Base using 'N' keys. You can change these keys from settings to set them close to you.
> Use '@' for admin chat, and '!' for team chat.
> The code after the player name represents player rank, for a complete list of ranks based on points for both Arena and TDM use /aranks and /tranks respectively.
> In arenas you can buy weapons and ammo from the pickups close to the spawn using your points.
> Disable/Enable Auto Spectate using /aspec command.
> In TDMs, earn points and unlock achievements such as extra health using the pickups close to your spawn.
> To view top ten players use /topten and to view top 40 players use /toplist command.
> View top TDM players using /tdmtop command.

Public Commands

> Change your own weather using /weather [weather id] command.
> Change your own time using /time [time] command.
> Spectate player using /spec [player id] and stop spectating using /specoff commands.
> Switch between teams using /switch [alpah | beta | spec] command.
> Bring the end round results page using /showagain command.
> You can disable your PM system using /banpm command.
> You can change your name using /name command so that next time you join the server with your new name you will still have your stats/points.
> Use /play or /addme command to add yourself in the round.
> Change your password using /changepass command.
> Change your own hit sound or get hit sound using /sound [hit | gethit] [Sound ID] command.
> Join DM or Fightzone using /dm [DM ID] and /fz and quit using /dmq or /fzq commands respectively.
> For more public commands use /cmds command.

jagu4rsDate: Su, 2013 Jul 28, 0:08 AM | Message # 2
Group: Users
Messages: 821
Status: Offline
oh this server alive

zofiDate: We, 2013 Aug 07, 4:46 PM | Message # 3
ஜ ۩Global Admin۩ ஜ
Group: Administrators
Messages: 2973
Status: Offline
Quote (jagu4rs)
oh this server alive

Thats right JaGuAr.

Some changes, new host >

HostName: Public AutoArena - [NL]
Players: 24 / 50
Ping: 58
Mode: Auto-Arena v4.3.8
Map: Arena: 5

zofiDate: Sa, 2014 Mar 01, 10:36 AM | Message # 4
ஜ ۩Global Admin۩ ஜ
Group: Administrators
Messages: 2973
Status: Offline
server updated.

HostName: AutoArena [0.3z][No SkinShot][]
Players: 17 / 50
Ping: 50
Mode: Auto-Arena DM/Base/TDM v4.7.1
Map: Arena: 44

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