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Forum » Applications to Join cH » [Accepted]Applications » =ACCEPTED=k8_'s application (finally) (1 year test member did)
=ACCEPTED=k8_'s application (finally)
k8_Date: Sa, 2017 Jul 15, 1:20 PM | Message # 1
a Warrior from Finland cH Squad
Group: Friends
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1. Nickname:I really don't have one in real life I guess
2. Your real name? Walmari
3. Age:16
4. Country/city in which you live in:Finland
5. Family status: Still living home (If I understood the question right..)
6. Pancakes or waffles? Waffles for sure
7. Whats your play style? Tactical af
8. Are you heterosexual? Yeah
9. Are you religious? If yes what religion and why? I'm an atheist
10. Games that you play: GTA's, Cities Skylines, some random shit on phone
11. Do you use headphones or speakers when playing games? Speakers
12. What is your favorite alcohol? I'm underaged so...
13. Name any previous clans/gangs that you been a member of and explain why you left: I don't have any previous lagshot clans, in skinhit I belong in BR clan, which is just a regular server clan
14. Are you addicted to anything. Smoking, drinking etc? Licking pus..nah
15. Cats or dogs? Dogs, cat's are ungrateful pieces of shit imo
16. What are polymers made of? I can't translate this to finnish, but I guess: plastic
17. Do you have access to a redtube account? Nope, and please don't give me one!
18. Name all the languages that you speak: Finnish, English, Swedish, German and a little bit of Dutch
19. What have you accomplished in your life? Well, I have pretty good grades and a lovely girlfriend, idk if I need more biggrin
20. Do you have a Dynamic IP? Yeah
21. What do you think of [cH]? Living legends
22. Favorite game where u most experienced at this: Ahm...GTA Vice City
23. Why you want to join our team? I think I joined it already but, this team seems really nice and damn mature, so it fits me nicely.
24. Did Hitler do anything wrong? Nobody knows if he decided about holocaust, but he killed himself, so I guess he did something quite wrong...
25. Whats your favorite pornstar? I really don't watch porn that much that I would have a favorite one
26. What is the name of the guy on 500Litas banknote? Not a damn idea
27. What is the first rule of Fight Club? Never talk about it in public
28. Are you racist? Hell no, I would never think anyone is "under" me.
29. What does AK-47 stand for? "AK-47 is a tool..." <<< Ice Cube's lyrics. But, idk what AK-47 stands for.
30. Can you supply us with erotic pictures of your mom? You wouldn't want to see them lol
31. Are you a quick learner? Yes, that's my strenght
32. How long did u use steam/xfire I've had Steam for some years, but I never use it
33. Do you have microphone through which you can speak during CW? If not how much time will it take for you to get one? I don't have one, and my family won't let me use mic while gaming
34. Will you have any difficulties in talking to us through teamspeak? Nothing else but the mic biggrin
35. How can you be useful to us? As long a as I am alive, I guess...more or less
36. What sort of music genre is your favorite? 90's gangsta rap, heavy metal
37. Who is your idol? I don't have one and I've never understood the idea of having an idol
38. 2+2*2=? 6
39. How did you find out about cH? Zofi contacted me
40. Do you tend to use cheating programs for games? Hell no, what's the idea then?
41. Name people you know that are or were in our team: Macho, Trainer, Frozen, Vodka, Zofi
42. What happens to a cow when you give it antibiotics? I hope it won't die..
43. Are you okay with dedicating 1-2 hours per week for training sessions? Yeah, even though I have weird playing times biggrin
44. What time is most convenient for you to do training sessions? From 18-23 in during weekends
45. Contact's [Steam ID]:You have my Discord, that's enough I guess
46. Your Steam Profile: I can't remember biggrin
47. Skills on a scale to 10:

Video Editing:5
Graphics design:I like to design shit, and I am good at it, but I suck with those programs so 3
Audio editing: 3-4

48. Links to Vid's/Pic's/Scripts you've done: horrible shit, by the way
49. Full Specification of your computer: Phenom II X4 @2.8Ghz, GTS 250 1GB, 4GB RAM @800Hz, 360Gb hard drive, some old Fujitsu keyboard and Logitech M90 mouse.
50. Extra note[Your last chance to plead]:If something bleeds or sucks like a women, leave it alone.. Thanks for reading, hope you like me & my shit, and sorry about doing this a LITTLE late. Luv for all of you biggrin

Message edited by k8_ - Sa, 2017 Jul 15, 1:21 PM
zofiDate: Sa, 2017 Jul 15, 1:23 PM | Message # 2
ஜ ۩Global Admin۩ ஜ
Group: Administrators
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You did 1 year test member biggrin there nothing say k8 =DD

Forum » Applications to Join cH » [Accepted]Applications » =ACCEPTED=k8_'s application (finally) (1 year test member did)
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