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ZjeetusDate: Sa, 2013 Dec 07, 6:26 PM | Message # 1
Group: Friends
Messages: 127
Status: Offline
1. Nickname: Zjeetus, Phelous, Zotijus
2. Your real name? Nebojsa
3. Age: 24
4. Country/city in which you live in: Kovin, Serbia
5. Family status: Male
6. Pancakes or waffles? Pancakes
7. Whats your play style? Play with deagle.
8. Are you heterosexual? No.
9. Are you religious? If yes what religion and why? I'm a Christian faith.
10. Other games that you play: No, only samp of multi games. Btw single I play Pes(pro is here) biggrin
11. Do you use headphones or speakers when playing games? Speakers.
12. What is your favorite alcohol? Hmm, beer, vodka, and Sljivocica.
13. Name any previous clans/gangs that you been a member of and explain why you left: I was only in one clan, [nL] it was my own clan, I have members, then they're left, but I still, now clan is dead.
14. Are you addicted to anything. Smoking, drinking etc? I like to smoke, and drink.
15. Cats or dogs? Dogs and Cats biggrin
16. What are polymers made of? I don't understand. biggrin
17. Do you have access to a redtube account? No I don't.
18. Name all the languages that you speak: English, Serbian, Macedonian.
19. What have you accomplished in your life? Nothing special. biggrin
20. Do you have a Dynamic IP? Yes,
21. What do you think of [cH]? I like that clan, and I hope I can be part of that family.
22. What is the name of the blind guy featuring in GTA San Andreas? Homeless, hobo biggrin
23. Why you want to join our team? Because I want to be in the team with good friends, and like that tag xD
24. Did Hitler do anything wrong? Yeah.
25. Whats your favorite pornstar? Lissa An, Alexis Texas.
26. What is the name of the guy on 500Litas banknote? Idk
27. What is the first rule of Fight Club? Don't give up xD
28. Are you racist? No.
29. What does AK-47 stand for? Kalashnikov.
30. Can you supply us with erotic pictures of your mom? Haha no.
31. Are you a quick learner? Possible.
32. Whats your favorite weapon in SA-MP? Deagle, Sniper.
33. Do you have microphone through which you can speak during CW? If not how much time will it take for you to get one? I have mic and I can to speak with you.
34. Will you have any difficulties in talking to us through teamspeak? Hmm, maybe my speaking isn't much good.
35. What is terminal velocity? Idk.
36. How can you be useful to us? To be one more active player.
37. What sort of music genre is your favorite? Rap, reggae.
38. Who is your idol? I don't have idol.
39. 2+2*2=? 6
40. Where is Teflon used in industry? Idk.
41. How did you find out about cH? I know that clan long time.
42. Do you tend to use cheating programs for games? I don't use it.
43. What kind of mods have you got installed in sa-mp at this moment? I don't have mods, cuz I have low fps and if I use mods then I can't play.
44. Name people you know that are or were in our team: Zofija xD
45. What happens to a cow when you give it antibiotics? Belive me, I don't know.
46. Are you okay with dedicating 1-2 hours per week for training sessions? Yeah.
47. What time is most convenient for you to do training sessions?
48. Contact's [xFire,Steam ID]: xfire: phelous, I use steam long time before, and I forgot password, I'll make a new one.
49. Your Steam Profile: I'll make it.
50. Skills on a scale to 10:

Video Editing: 6
Programming: 3
Graphics design: 2
Audio editing: 2

51. Links to Vid's/Pic's/Scripts you've done: I don't have.
52. Full Specification of your computer: Ah I don't have good computer, one time I can't to play on uL server because I have low fps, I'm fix it, and now again have some problems.
53. Extra note[Your last chance to plead]: I hope I'll be part of that family. See you.

Message edited by Zjeetus - Mo, 2013 Dec 09, 9:28 PM
zofiDate: Sa, 2013 Dec 07, 7:08 PM | Message # 2
ஜ ۩Global Admin۩ ஜ
Group: Administrators
Messages: 2973
Status: Offline

jagu4rsDate: Sa, 2013 Dec 07, 7:10 PM | Message # 3
Group: Users
Messages: 821
Status: Offline
welcome, n gl
stay active in teamspeak, play some games with us, if u have bad pc u can stil play propilkki biggrin

iCov3rDate: Sa, 2013 Dec 07, 7:10 PM | Message # 4
Group: Removed

GL Gangsta
DonceDate: Sa, 2013 Dec 07, 7:25 PM | Message # 5
Universal Gamer
Group: cH Member
Messages: 228
Status: Offline
Hello, can you tell more about this "sljivocica" and do you watch anime ? goodluck friend.
[cH]vodkaDate: Sa, 2013 Dec 07, 7:26 PM | Message # 6
GTA:T Veteran
Group: cH Member
Messages: 1258
Status: Offline
Yo Serbia, nice nick gandza cool

ZjeetusDate: Sa, 2013 Dec 07, 7:56 PM | Message # 7
Group: Friends
Messages: 127
Status: Offline
Thanks mates..btw Sljivovica is our famous drinks. Every true Serb drinking Sljivovica. cool
Xer0Date: Sa, 2013 Dec 07, 9:11 PM | Message # 8
Proud To Be a Gangsta
Group: Friends
Messages: 14
Status: Offline
Good luck
FrozeNDate: Sa, 2013 Dec 07, 9:18 PM | Message # 9
Legend of the cH
Group: Moderators
Messages: 563
Status: Offline
Welcome to our forum wink
Read here
Add all members to xfire, create steam account and add all members


Regards Frozen
ZjeetusDate: Sa, 2013 Dec 07, 9:35 PM | Message # 10
Group: Friends
Messages: 127
Status: Offline
Of course I'll add, thanks.
SufferDate: Su, 2013 Dec 08, 11:51 AM | Message # 11
Group: Removed

be active, stay with us. show for us do u rly want to join in cH. waiting
ZjeetusDate: Su, 2013 Dec 08, 1:20 PM | Message # 12
Group: Friends
Messages: 127
Status: Offline
Yeah, thanks.

Added (2013 Dec 08, 1:20 PM)

Today I made this members list.

Message edited by Gandza - Su, 2013 Dec 08, 1:22 PM
DonceDate: Su, 2013 Dec 08, 2:08 PM | Message # 13
Universal Gamer
Group: cH Member
Messages: 228
Status: Offline
Quote Gandza ()
Today I made this members list.
nice you did a great job
ZjeetusDate: Su, 2013 Dec 08, 2:20 PM | Message # 14
Group: Friends
Messages: 127
Status: Offline
thanks laugh
CjeetasDate: Su, 2013 Dec 08, 3:02 PM | Message # 15
League of Legends, CS:GO: Alpha Squad
Group: cH Member
Messages: 335
Status: Offline
Goodluck mate

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