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Forum » Applications to Join cH » [Denied/Kicked]Applications » =DENIED=Nunow
nunowDate: Mo, 2013 Jul 22, 3:30 PM | Message # 1
Group: Users
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1. Nickname: Nun0w
2. Your real name? Nuno Neves
3. Age: 19
4. Country/city in which you live in: portugal/porto
5. Family status: mother/brother
6. Pancakes or waffles? pancakes
7. Whats your play style? teamwork
8. Are you heterosexual? yes
9. Are you religious? If yes what religion and why? ye i am, because i believe in god
10. Other games that you play: fm13
11. Do you use headphones or speakers when playing games? yes
12. What is your favorite alcohol? vodka black
13. Name any previous clans/gangs that you been a member of and explain why you left:
BhO - closed
THUG - left
Homies - Left
FuryG - closed
Olds - closed
sW - left

14. Are you addicted to anything. Smoking, drinking etc? in girls :D
15. Cats or dogs? dogs
16. What are polymers made of? A polymer (a chemical term) is any material that is made up of repeating linked units (monomers.
17. Do you have access to a redtube account? ofc
18. Name all the languages that you speak: english, spanish and portuguese
19. What have you accomplished in your life? Nothing lool i have good life
20. Do you have a Dynamic IP? no
21. What do you think of [cH]? its a very good clan and have a great leader´s
22. What is the name of the blind guy featuring in GTA San Andreas? wozzie
23. Why you want to join our team? good clan and have a good players
24. Did Hitler do anything wrong? easy for me
25. Whats your favorite pornstar? dont have
26. What is the name of the guy on 500Litas banknote? Vincas Kudirka
27. What is the first rule of Fight Club? no talk and kill him :D
28. Are you racist? noo
29. What does AK-47 stand for? kalashnikova
30. Can you supply us with erotic pictures of your mom? lool no
31. Are you a quick learner? ofc
32. Whats your favorite weapon in SA-MP? deagle,m4
33. Do you have microphone through which you can speak during CW? If not how much time will it take for you to get one? yes i have
34. Will you have any difficulties in talking to us through ventrilo? noo
35. What is terminal velocity?
A free-falling object achieves its terminal velocity when the downward force of gravity (FG) equals the buoyancy/resistance force of drag (Fd). This causes the net force on the object to be zero, resulting in an acceleration of zero.
36. How can you be useful to us? with everything
37. What sort of music genre is your favorite? brazilian sounds
38. Who is your idol? CR7
39. 2+2*2=? 6
40. Where is Teflon used in industry?
DuPont™ Teflon® industrial coatings are available in both powder and liquid. The versatility of these Teflon® coatings allows for almost unlimited application to a wide variety of part sizes and configurations, always adding value far beyond the inherent nonstick qualities.

41. How did you find out about cH? A/D
42. Do you tend to use cheating programs for games? nooo
43. What kind of mods have you got installed in sa-mp at this moment? i dont have mods
44. Name people you know that are or were in our team:

45. What happens to a cow when you give it antibiotics? i dont know lool
46. Are you okay with dedicating 1-2 hours per week for training sessions? yes ofc
47. What time is most convenient for you to do training sessions? all day
48. Contact's [xFire,Steam ID]: xFire: nunow
49. Your ESL Profile: dont have
50. Skills on a scale to 10: 7

Video Editing: 4
Programming: 2
Graphics design: 0
Audio editing: 0

51. Links to Vid's/Pic's/Scripts you've done: dont have
52. Full Specification of your computer:

Portátil: Asus M51SN (M51 Serie)
Processador: Intel Core 2 Duo T8300
Adaptador Gráfico: NVIDIA GeForce 9500M GS 512 MB
Ecrã: 15.4 polegadas, 16:10, 1440x900 píxeles, Brilhante: sim
Peso: 2.91kg
Preço: 1299 euro

53. Extra note[Your last chance to plead]: esta demais o bar da praia
zofiDate: Mo, 2013 Jul 22, 4:44 PM | Message # 2
ஜ ۩Global Admin۩ ஜ
Group: Administrators
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Quote (nunow)
27. What is the first rule of Fight Club? no talk and kill him biggrin


vanesDate: Mo, 2013 Jul 22, 7:24 PM | Message # 3
Group: Users
Messages: 6
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RiwDate: Mo, 2013 Jul 22, 7:24 PM | Message # 4
Group: Users
Status: Offline
First of all, you didn't answer all of the questions and secondly, as you mentioned your skill in programming is 2, may I ask what are you programming? All of other applicants failed to answer this question, maybe you will be our last hope in answering my question. Overall the application is about 5/10, lacks a lot of logic and answers to questions. Never seen you on teamspeak or playing other games, until then no support from me.
zofiDate: Mo, 2013 Jul 22, 8:21 PM | Message # 5
ஜ ۩Global Admin۩ ஜ
Group: Administrators
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Quote (Riw)
Never seen you on teamspeak

all day this guy on ts with me biggrin pretty funny with humor sense in matches, a bit surprised of that, decent skills in game (active on ts)

agreed with Riw, application looks 5/10

nice game today nunow, i hope its not last one when played togheter during some rounds cool see u !

btw cH members xfire here
steam here
read some details & info here

ChiefDate: Mo, 2013 Jul 22, 10:48 PM | Message # 6
Group: Users
Status: Offline
So many applicants, so little patience from me.
Not even going to highlight your mistakes - 3/10 would not accept.
[cH]vodkaDate: Th, 2013 Jul 25, 4:11 PM | Message # 7
GTA:T Veteran
Group: cH Member
Messages: 1258
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DzymkaDate: Su, 2013 Jul 28, 6:58 PM | Message # 8
ex Senior of The cH
Group: Friends
Messages: 184
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zofiDate: Tu, 2013 Jul 30, 8:06 PM | Message # 9
ஜ ۩Global Admin۩ ஜ
Group: Administrators
Messages: 2973
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Hello Nunow,

Test period is over, seems like u disapeared somewhere, too bad, aight goodluck in future.Nothing personal.


Forum » Applications to Join cH » [Denied/Kicked]Applications » =DENIED=Nunow
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