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OsOs_KiLlErDate: Tu, 2012 Aug 07, 1:42 PM | Message # 1
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1. Nickname: Lorenzo
2. Do you have a Dynamic IP? No, i got a static IP
3. Your real name?Mohamed Osama
4. Age:14.5
5. Country/city in which you live in:Egypt,6 October
6. Family status:I'm living with my mother and father and my small sister
7. Which of the following teams are you intrested in joining [CoD4,MTA,SA-MP,VC-MP] ? SA-MP team is the best
8. Whats your play style? I like playing with Shotgun and Deagle in Bases, or shotgun and m4, i defend my HP more than reducing their HP
9. Are you a heterosexual? Nope
10. Are you religious? No
11. Other games that you play: I actually don't waste time in other games
12. What is your favorite alcohol? Hmmm, I don't drink
13. Name any previous clans/gangs that you been a member of and explain why you left:NoM,rD,IaM:i was in these clans but they all died
14. Are you addicted to anything. Smoking, drinking etc?No
15. Cats or dogs?Dogs
16. Do you have access to a redtube account?Yea sure biggrin
17. Languages that you speak?English, Arabic, a very little bit spanish, and i know french
18. What have you accomplished in your life? I've finished my primary stage, and i'm in the end of my preparatory stage, i'm not always in home i sometimes go work with my mom
19. What do you think of [cH]?Its a good, mature clan which i think it will fit my skills
20. Why you want to join our team? Cause as i said in the above line i think it will fit my skills and cause i heared of it much
21. Are you racist? No
22. Can you supply us with erotic pictures of your mom? ...
23. Are you a quick learner? Yea, i'm
24. Do you have microphone through which you can speak during CW? If not how much time will it take for you to get one? I already got
25. Will you have any difficulties in talking to us through ventrilo? No i don't
26. Do you take gaming seriously or you play for fun? Actually i take it for fun but when it comes in training and CW's And TCW's i act as i'm doing a job
27. How can you be useful to us? I can be helping in scripting a game mode only for cH
28. 2+2*2=? 8
29. Do you have a webcam? Nope
30. How did you find out about cH? I knew it from 2 years then my friend talled me its good and it fits my skills
31. Do you tend to use cheating programs for games? No!!
32. What kind of mods have you got installed in sa-mp at this moment? I don't use mods
33. Contact's [xFire, Skype, MSN]:Xfire:0sos9, Skype:mo_osama1, MSN:i don't got one
34.Post ESL profile:
35.Add cH members at ESL Wire Client:
36. Skills: 7.9/10 i'm good in deagle/M4/shotgun

-Video Editing:[0/10]



37. Links to Vid's/Pic's/Scripts you've done:Actually i have my server you can ask me in any moment to show you my GM

Added (2012 Aug 07, 1:42 PM)
Plz close my app i ain't joining ch

SufferDate: We, 2012 Aug 08, 2:04 PM | Message # 2
Group: Removed

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