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Forum » Applications to Join cH » [Denied/Kicked]Applications » =DENIED=KACKE69 (Docp4l smells like Kak Puh)
KACKE69Date: Su, 2014 Apr 27, 2:24 PM | Message # 1
Group: Users
Messages: 1
Status: Offline
1. Nick: KACKE69
2. Peter_Schwedler
3. Age: 25
4. Country/city in which you live in: Pl
5. Family status: Banged and Honored
6. Pancakes or waffles? Pancakes fo sure
7. Whats your play style? Aggressive and always try to come from behind - peter style
8. Are you heterosexual? Yes and No, i bang everything what cant escape
9. Are you religious? If yes what religion and why? I trust in the rules of P4L, it gives me more power banging my couch and i can take a dumb better while selling plastic bottles at the aldi automat
10. Games that you play: Larry Leisure Suit (fav), Playboy the mansion, Solitär, Minesweeper
11. Do you use headphones or speakers when playing games? i sometimes turn down the game volume to get more fps, but yes i do use those things (i use everything except lube)
12. What is your favorite alcohol? 80% stroh rum, or pure ethanol, spiritus, grillanzünder, deodorant. i love everything that smells like alc, also gazoline
13. Name any previous clans/gangs that you been a member of and explain why you left: [69], P4L, MomBangers, BickWhiteDicks, TryAnal, Get_Rejected, GoForIt, [Again] - well i created the most clans by my own. but nobody joined. i tried to create my live history trough those clans, but i was always looking for "the real one" thats why im hear.
14. Are you addicted to anything. Smoking, drinking etc? im addicted to so much shit, im even not rly sure if i exist right now. I like the new drug Crocodile, also sometimes i give myself a present for the weekend givin me a shot of heroine. but just sometimes. i can quit when i want to!

15. Cats or dogs? whats tighter? xD just kidding, i like trains. escpecially when they drive into tunnels (höhö biggrin ). and dolphins. and tuna. escpecially when a little piece of dolphin is in that tuna

16. What are polymers made of? is it made of cum?

17. Do you have access to a redtube account? dude, i got a girlfriend and a large penis, sure i got access to brazzers, naughtyamerica, and i got a membership for a year at

18. Name all the languages that you speak: Polish. And Friesackerisch. Its a not so many spoken dialect of polish

19. What have you accomplished in your life? if im honest... nothing. i got 3 girlfriends, but i pretend to be bisexual. thats why even my best homies kilian -the beast- kruschke and Monkey -the good one- P4L dont trust my anymore. I quit school at 4th grade. Nah just kidding, i got 10th class, and i learned a job. but im at the bundeswehr now, dont ask me why, i must have been drunk, when i singed in for 20 years... fk!

20. Do you have a Dynamic IP? wtf, want a punch into ya face?

21. What do you think of [cH]? names awesome. if you got some tight wholes - no matter if anus, couch, watermelon or tomato, im in!

22. Favorite game where u most experienced at this? Minesweeper. Im professional. But sometimes i use speedhack, but schhhhh!

23. Why you want to join our team? are you serious? (no it was snape xD) im the ultimate mom banger, housewife creater and teen deflower man. i need a real clan with real opportunities to encourage myself

24. Did Hitler do anything wrong? yes, his left egg was empty. i saw it on youtube

25. Whats your favorite pornstar? that fat white chick. she got some pounds extra, but she is red haired. i bang everything walking if it got red hair. thats why pirates have to be beware of me, yo!

26. What is the name of the guy on 500Litas banknote? if it isnt Peter Schwedler, it must be the Decke in The whole i guess

27. What is the first rule of Fight Club? if you want to bang my gf in front of me, then bang me and then i can bang you AND my gf, im okay with that

28. Are you racist? no, i just dont like ppl with small dicks

29. What does AK-47 stand for? Anal Kreampie - 47 times (must be me!)

30. Can you supply us with erotic pictures of your mom? no my mom is just for me. but i can send you picks from me which will turn you on all day, yo!

31. Are you a quick learner? i can if i want to! but most of the time i dont want to. I told my friends i could reach fachabi, but i didnt even apply for it xD the ultimate troll!

32. How long did u use steam/xfire? you mean since that fucker docp4l installed it for me? i guess everyday, i check my profile for new friendrequest whole day. even when i bang my gf. of my couch or some fruits. i dont make any difference between that. add me pls: pelleP4L! im lookin for some nice and easy friendos!

33. Do you have microphone through which you can speak during CW? If not how much time will it take for you to get one? i need to sell a lot of plastic bottles first. mb i can find some at the aldi mauer, where the fukin assi kids from fsk always leave them. then it will be fast!

34. Will you have any difficulties in talking to us through teamspeak? no

35. How can you be useful to us? rly? i can bake cumcake and mothercake all day! i can provide you with usefull love tipps and live advices. i will tell you stories from the 2nd worldwar, my dog experienced!

36. What sort of music genre is your favorite? Hardcore, Gabbah, DJ ASA - Hardcore Sex, just hard, fast and deep is the sound i like. of the sound of a decke with a whole in which i wickel ein my gf, yo

37. Who is your idol? clearly cipe98 he is the hardest banger i know and he tricked his parents so he dont need to visit that fukin dirty internat in potsdam. scefigebah poux is also cool, he is shit, but cool u know? he is a fukin bastard and beated my with an empty bottle if apple water

38. 2+2*2=? 3

39. How did you find out about cH? i was lookin for "dirty naked apes" on google and found that

40. Do you tend to use cheating programs for games? yes

41. Name people you know that are or were in our team: docp4l that motherfukin anal warrior and MonkeyP4L. he is cool, but he sux. but he is cool! and dont forget about iwbtgP4L aka clemi he is a real stecher!

42. What happens to a cow when you give it antibiotics? it want my D so bad. and i will give it. right for the science! science, bitch, science, astra and a lot if decken with wholes

43. Are you okay with dedicating 1-2 hours per week for training sessions? thats not even my masterbate time^^

44. What time is most convenient for you to do training sessions? hmm i guess around 2 am in the morning to 4 am in the morning is good. thats the time where i normally get the first-boner-of-the-day and need to do the first wank

45. Contact's [xFire,Steam ID]: pelleP4L, xfire: WandelnderPenis[EIERS]

46. Your Steam Profile: pellep4l

47. Skills on a scale to 10: clearly 10. im pro. my hand is trained. i also can both handed, yo!

48. Links to Vid's/Pic's/Scripts you've done:,, and i created with only material from my own

49. Full Specification of your computer: 50mhz processor, 10mb ram, and mobile graphics. u know? you have to stay update. i got a brand new lenovo laptop and the specialist says: dude, a guy with a big penis, needs an expensive pc which has bad stats. so i did!

50. Extra note[Your last chance to plead]: well, im not the best fighter, but im a natural fskler. i like EIERS clan and i wish to have good luck with this applicaton. my english is not so good, but you can watch me on my webcam,

cya bros
[cH]vodkaDate: Su, 2014 Apr 27, 5:00 PM | Message # 2
GTA:T Veteran
Group: cH Member
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Yo, welcome to cH forum

zofiDate: Su, 2014 Apr 27, 5:03 PM | Message # 3
ஜ ۩Global Admin۩ ஜ
Group: Administrators
Messages: 2973
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Hello & welcome to cH forums,

Quote KACKE69 ()
47. Skills on a scale to 10: clearly 10. im pro.

have nice day


Forum » Applications to Join cH » [Denied/Kicked]Applications » =DENIED=KACKE69 (Docp4l smells like Kak Puh)
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