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ESL 5v5 Fun Cup
FrozeNDate: We, 2012 Mar 07, 11:44 AM | Message # 1
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Before we start, on behalf of the ESL SA-MP Admin Team we would like to say that it is a real pleasure to see you all again and realize that you didn't give up on this amazing game after so long.
We would like to start by a gigantic request of apologies for keeping you waiting this long time, but we had some anti-cheat problems until these lasts few days!

We have multiple ideas to put in practice in the near future, for that we will need your full collaboration!

First, to show that we are not messing around with you, this week we will start the sign ups for a friendly Cup of 5on5 (we will talk about this in future news, to decide the needs and the rules of the game). Depending on the number of players, which I hope it’s a lot, we will create more of these Cup or ladders, not only 5on5 but also 1on1 and 2on2.

We will remind you again, that ESL is not a place where people create conflicts, and they will be punished if necessary, for these and more reasons, we would appreciate that you take a look at our rules:

[PTM]Al_PacinoDate: We, 2012 Mar 07, 11:26 PM | Message # 2
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Website for the ESL SA-MP section: www.esl.eu/eu/gtasa/
CuboneDate: Fr, 2012 Mar 09, 0:04 AM | Message # 3
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The sign-ups for the ESL 5v5 Fun Cup are now open! You have 1 week to sign up! Make sure you read the post before signing up your team. http://www.esl.eu/eu/gtasa/news/187503/5on5-FunCup-1/
zofiDate: Su, 2012 Mar 11, 3:25 AM | Message # 4
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some info>>>

[cH]zofija: for other games , u tested this esl program ?
[PTM]Al_Pacino: ye
[PTM]Al_Pacino: fifa online
[PTM]Al_Pacino: also samp
[cH]zofija: in fifa
[cH]zofija: u did match
[cH]zofija: ?
[PTM]Al_Pacino: ye
[PTM]Al_Pacino: 2
[cH]zofija: when round over, need it to do ,, screenshot right
[cH]zofija: or match over
[PTM]Al_Pacino: match over
[PTM]Al_Pacino: only final resutls
[cH]zofija: wich button to click...in this program
[cH]zofija: i mean
[cH]zofija: if i play
[cH]zofija: how to do screenshot
[cH]zofija: in samp,,,f8
[cH]zofija: but
[cH]zofija: in other games
[cH]zofija: this program have this ?
[PTM]Al_Pacino: ESL Wire has it
[PTM]Al_Pacino: without lags
[PTM]Al_Pacino: u need to check the hotkey
[PTM]Al_Pacino: in ESL Wire options
[cH]zofija: i found
[cH]zofija: :D
[cH]zofija: so when i did
[cH]zofija: screen
[cH]zofija: i check this program,,,folder where is it...and download?
[PTM]Al_Pacino: when u take a screenshot
[PTM]Al_Pacino: and then u close the game
[PTM]Al_Pacino: and samp
[PTM]Al_Pacino: ESL Wire will automatically open another window
[PTM]Al_Pacino: so u can upload the screenshot
[PTM]Al_Pacino: u just click upload
[PTM]Al_Pacino: and it iwll upload to the correct place
[PTM]Al_Pacino: the match place
[PTM]Al_Pacino: it's like xfire
[cH]zofija: :D
[cH]zofija: ye
[cH]zofija: another question,,about other games...like cs
[cH]zofija: cracked games
[cH]zofija: or only original
[cH]zofija: need it to buy
[cH]zofija: n shit
[cH]zofija: o_O
[PTM]Al_Pacino: u can play SAMP in esl with crack
[cH]zofija: samp yes
[PTM]Al_Pacino: other games not
[cH]zofija: but cs, cod4
[cH]zofija: only buy

zofiDate: Su, 2012 Mar 18, 9:29 AM | Message # 5
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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 5on5 Fun Cup

Tournament tree

The ESL 5v5 Fun Cup for SA-MP has started! 33 fun teams have signed up into the cup. You can check the cup brackets here:


Good luck to all the teams and enjoy the tournament!

FrozeNDate: Mo, 2012 Apr 02, 10:09 AM | Message # 6
Legend of the cH
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3rd rounds already played both teams. Rankings click here
Seems like 5on5 Fun Cup, getin more and more interesed peoples around
Trip[ABK]Date: Mo, 2012 Apr 02, 9:09 PM | Message # 7
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zofiDate: Su, 2012 Apr 22, 10:42 AM | Message # 8
ஜ ۩Global Admin۩ ஜ
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Yo ladz,

5 rounds already played.Take a look some info click here

zofiDate: Mo, 2012 Apr 30, 10:06 AM | Message # 9
ஜ ۩Global Admin۩ ஜ
Group: Administrators
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FINAL match already over :

#1 [BW]
#2 [As]
#3 [TCK]

more info click here

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