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zofiDate: Sa, 2017 Apr 01, 10:20 AM | Message # 1
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some of you have been very unhappy, yet talkive and helpful about GTATs ban policy in past season (2017.Q1).

That's why we changed our way how we handle bans in first place and try to avoid them in general.

We have two new features, which make administrating easier:

1. like ingame ban it is now possible to set ingame (channel, /r, /w - gangchat is always possible) and shoutbox mute for gamemoderators
2. it is now possible for game moderators to force players to use samp-ac (anticheat)
3. admins/gamemods can see if an ip is vpn/proxy

Given this we want to change handling cheats, hate speak and spam like this:

1. if people cheated, game mod kicks the player and forces anti cheat on the player. But is able to play!
2. if people spam or post aggresive against users (and admins) the player gets kicked and muted ingame for a specific time. But is able to play!
3. A real ban will be discused in game mod section of forums. Shouldn't be necessary too often.

That's it. If you have been banned because of 1. or 2. please create an unban request.

Please keep in mind: using vpn/proxy or multi accounting will still lead to ingame ban!

Best regards


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