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MTA Cups Complited
zofiDate: Mo, 2013 Jul 22, 10:04 AM | Message # 1
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Good day everyone. Today are glad to announce the renewal of MTA Cups which will be kept regularly from now on.
This is not a secret that MTA is no longer a good place for professional teams and players like it used to be. The lack of emulative spirit resulted in decline of interest to this game which caused players to leave.
That's a goal - to bring MTA back competitive gameplay experience. Nothing is over now, the time to make history is came. The history which will be written by you.

Before we'll turn the page I'd like to return to some old stuff - to the first season of MTA Cup, to be specific, which was started in autumn, 2011 and finished in april, 2012, but wasn't properly closed. Despite the organisational issues (which will be fixed in new seasons) we still got a winner and a runner-up which are Bpb*> and [E.Sptr] respectively. From now onwards the teams who took the top places will be given some additional forum graphics as a keepsake. Congratulations!

MTA Cup 01 Scoreboard

Now, the most exciting part. The sign-up for MTA Cup II and MTA World Cup I has officially started, that means you can go check the rules, additional info if needed, and apply your team or your country's national team. Good luck to all applicants!

MTA Cup II sign up here
MTA World Cup I sign up here

MTA Cup Rules :

These are the official rules of MTA Cup and MTA World Cup. Every participant must be familiar with them to prevent any kind of controversial issues.
Remember - ignorance of the law is no excuse.

The game scheme

Game type: A/D (random bases)
Number of rounds: 8 A/D (4 bases with swap) + 1 arena (arena 2)
Number of players: 5x5 (can be 5x4/4x5 or 4x4 if agreed by both teams)
Base time: 8 minutes
Arena time: 7 minutes

General rules: violation of them will cause the whole team to be disqualified.

1) Using any type of cheats, game boosters, mods helping you in gameplay is not allowed. The prohibited game modding includes ped models, vehicle models and weapon models (in case if they are very large or very long, or if they have laser sights and other unfair modifications in them). This also applies to textures.
2) Wall bug is not allowed.
3) Texture and collision bugs are not allowed.
4) Slide bugs are not allowed.
The most of the bugs listed above will be blocked by the gamemode, but be careful anyway.
5) C-bug is allowed. However any type of keybinding like mouse and keyboard macro is not allowed. This also applies to sprint macro and fast zoom with sniper.
6) Doing multiple screenshots or syncing at the same time is not allowed.

Match related rules: violation of them will cause a warning, a single player to be disqualified/replaced, or a technical loss for the team in one round or in the whole match.

1) Drive-by, killing with cars or heli blades is not allowed. These features will be blocked by the gamemode, but be careful anyway.
2) Car rush is not allowed. Only exploded vehicles can be dragged into the base.
3) Damaging enemies with vehicle explosion isallowed. This also applies to heliboom - the gamemode changes the heli explosion into the same as car's one.
4) The ping limit is 380, with no exceptions.
5) The maximal FPS is 48, the minimal is 30. Take note that you can be asked to record a video and your computer must be able to run the game at this rate.
6) In case of player's game crash or timeout his team has 5 minutes to bring him back or replace with a sub.
7) The maximum delay before the planned match starts is 10 minutes. The pause between rounds can't be longer than 5 minutes.
8) Each team has an additional right to request a pause when round is already started. This pause can be taken once a round per team, the maximum length is 3 minutes.

Teams and players related rules: violation of them will cause a single player or the whole team to be disqualified/replaced.

1) All participants must have screen uploading enabled (Main menu > Settings > Allow screen upload).
2) Any player can be taken a screenshot without explanation.
3) Any player can be requested to record a video of his game by officials.
4) Fake players and teams are not allowed. If the team was busted with a fake player, it will be given a technical loss in the whole match.
5) The team leaders are required to speak english decently for organisational reasons.
6) Fulfill the deadlines. The planned match rate for this season requires teams to play two matches a week. If you are not sure if your team can hold at this rate, do not sign up. Otherwise your team will be replaced.

Any additional information related to the game scheme can be found here (originally written by Mate_).
Any additional information related to the gamemode, cups config and server can be found here.

MTA Cups Referee Team

The official MTA Cups referees are listed below. Feel free to contact them when you need to play MTA Cup or MTA World Cup match.

Stan1y - xfire: st4n1y / Skype: wizzard47 / ICQ: 579787029
star-tR - xfire: easterdie / Skype: easterdie
Ezio - xfire: gizmo147
Sonic - xfire: aarontasler

Discussion and Feedback here
Apply for a referee here

zofiDate: We, 2013 Jul 31, 7:33 PM | Message # 2
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MTA CUP II - GROUP STAGE (01.08.2013 - 11.08.2013)

Group stage is starting shortly - the date is 1st of august. Twelve accepted teams was arranged in four groups randomly, so each team will have to play two matches. The deadline for group stage is august 11.
The first two places of each group will proceed in kick-off tournament.

The results of random arrangement:

Group A: [ELiTE], [tm_09], [A_Life]

[ELiTE] vs [tm_09]
[tm_09] vs [A_Life]
[A_life] vs [ELiTE]

Team leaders and contact information:

[ELiTE] / REDF1RE (Skype: elitemember1, steam: max1997tfs)
[tm_09] / reborn (xfire: r3b0sha, skype: san4ez_biff), Roni (skype: ligaroni), Cooper (skype: cooperoid)
[A_Life] / Shaolin (ICQ: 196548356)

More info & details about A group clans:
  • Team logo:
  • Team name: ELiTE Crew /ELiTE

  • Team logo:

  • Team name: TEAM2009 / [tm_09]

  • Team logo:

  • Team name: Action Life / A_Life

Group B: Bpb*>, [N4C], [RW]

Bpb*> vs [N4C]
[N4C] vs [RW]
[RW] vs Bpb*>

Team leaders and contact information:

Bpb*> / star-tR (xfire: easterdie, Skype: easterdiet), Stan1y (xfire: st4n1y, Skype: wizzard47, ICQ: 579787029), Crone (Skype: crone_99)
[N4C] / bistr0 (Skype: bistr0bistr0), stingy (Skype: stingyyyyyy)
[RW] / NaRO (Skype: nareknaro2), MiLk (Skype: rwxarzor), LP_FaN (Skype: lpfanxd)

More info & details about B group clans:

  • Team name: Brotherhood of PlumBum / Bpb*>

  • Team logo:
  • Team name: Need 4 Combat / [N4C]

  • Team name: Right Way / RW

Group C: [EFU], hz., =PCP=

[EFU] vs hz.
hz. vs =PCP=
=PCP= vs [EFU]

Team leaders and contact information:

[EFU] / Zatas (xfire: zatas), hawk (xfire: nighthawk202)
hz. / (xfire: ensarmta, Skype: benawsquad)
=PCP= / d0KTOR_ (xfire: edker88), Sonic (xfire: aarontasler, Skype: el.aaron.93)

More info & details about C group clans:

  • Team logo:
  • Team name: Egyptian Forces United / EFU#

  • Team logo:
  • Team name: hazreti otuzbirriers (hz)

  • Team logo:
  • Team name: Polish Connection Patriots / =PCP=

Group D: [UFC], [K2], [ANO]

[UFC] vs [K2]
[K2] vs [ANO]
[ANO] vs [UFC]

Team leaders and contact information:

[UFC] / Client (xfire: client32, Skype: client3010), iMosT (xfire: most888)
[K2] / sync (Skype: k2_mathers, xfire: mtasync, icq:381428603), denmark (Skype:n1keee111)
[ANO] / Mate (xfire: rhbk0), Fari (xfire: farinho69), DivX (xfire: divxmta)

More info & details about D group clans:

  • Team logo:
  • Team name: Ultimate Fighting Champion

  • Team logo:
  • Team name: K2

  • Team logo:
  • Team name: [ANO] Atak Najlepsza Obrona


Team leaders and contact information:

[EFC] / Masj (xfire: masj123)
[U1tra] / Din (skype: din-027)

More info & details about substitute clans:

  • Team logo:
  • Team name: EFC - Elite Forces Clan

  • Team logo:
  • Team name: U1tra-Team / [U1tra]

P.s. The video of arrangement proccess:

zofiDate: We, 2013 Aug 21, 5:06 PM | Message # 3
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MTA World Cup I

2013.08.06 - 2013.08.25

Accepted National Teams :

[ARG]- Argentina / bistr0 (Skype: bistr0bistr0), stingy (Skype: stingyyyyyy)
[LTU] - Lithuania / Masj (Skype: powilas929, xfire: masj123), CaH (skype: haroldux24, xfire: mrpwnercah24)
[RU] - Russia / awakeN (xfire: fru17, Skype: fru1tjkee), Stan1y (xfire: st4n1y, Skype: wizzard47, ICQ: 579787029)

---(qualification match)--- [USSR] - Alternative Independent Russian Team / Shaolin (ICQ: 196548356)
[EGY] - Egypt / Zatas (xfire: zatas), hawk (xfire: nighthawk202)
[TUR] - Turkey / progamer (xfire: gsenes, Skype: progamer513)
[KZ] - Kazakhstan / Lite(Skype: euro_samp), deloreanix(Skype: thehatsker)

---(qualification match)--- [KAZ] / YourDaddy (skype: sdmitry1994) \ Ex (skype: daulet.ex) \ DauRen (skype: dauren1x) \ Fish (skype: alex_av4)
[POL] - Poland / DviX (xfire: divxmta), Fari (xfire: farinho69), Mate (xfire: rhbk0)
[KSA] - Saudi Arabia / SeeM (xfire: 1seemtv, Skype: seem_x)

MTA World Cup I Results:


[EGY] vs [LTU] / 0:9 LTU won
[ARG] vs [TUR] / 5:2 ARG won
[KZ] vs [KSA] / 2:6 KSA won
[POL] vs [RU] / 0:9 RU won


[LTU] vs [ARG] / 5:4 LTU won
[RU] vs [KSA] / 4:5 KSA won

Third place match

[ARG] vs [RU]


[KSA] 4:5[LTU]

Lithuanian Squad:

quote by Stan1y
This match reminded me of previous match where KSA faced RU. Just the same as in the semifinal, KSA started from acting like dumbs on open bases, and let the score to become 0:3 for LTU. But later Saudi players became dangerous killers and won 4 rounds in a row. LTU still managed to take one round and started arena 2 scenario which is too common for this session in my opinion. Unlikely russians, LTU players got down to the buisness from the beginning, successfully thrown grenade made one KSA player no longer able to help his team with around 20 hp left. Saudis wasted a lot of time trying to snipe down their opponents, but lost even more health as the result. Their subsequent rush was even more fail with no chances to get close to lithuanians. This was over.

The World Cup I 2013 Champion Lithuania.

zofiDate: Su, 2013 Sep 01, 6:36 PM | Message # 4
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2013-08-01 - 2013-08-29

Group stage

Group A:
[ELiTE] vs [tm_09] / 5:4 ELiTE won
[tm_09] vs [A_Life] / 7:2 tm_09 won
[A_life] vs [ELiTE] / 4:5 ELiTE won

Group B:
Bpb*> vs [N4C] / 4:5 N4C won
[N4C] vs [RW] / 3:6 RW won
[RW] vs Bpb*> / 9:0 RW won

Group C:
[EFU] vs hz. / 6:3 EFU won
hz. vs =PCP= / 1:8 =PCP= won
=PCP= vs [EFU] / 0:9 EFU won

Group D:
[UFC] vs [K2] / 3:6 K2 won
[K2] vs [EFC] / 6:3 K2 won
[EFC] vs [UFC] / 5:1 EFC won


[ELiTE] vs [N4C] / 3:6 N4C won
EFU# vs [EFC] / 6:3 EFU won
[RW] vs [tm_09] / 5:4 RW won
[K2] vs =PCP= / 0:9 (technical loss) =PCP= won


[N4C] vs EFU# / 6:3 N4C won
=PCP= vs [RW] / 4:5 RW won

Third place match

EFU# vs =PCP= / 0:9 (technical loss) =PCP= won


[N4C] vs [RW] / 2:7 RW won

qoute by Stan1y

Yo. Today is the last day of summer, so it's time to summarize what we have seen this season. I have to say that not everything was ok, but despite this the cup was a great success, with 12 registered teams and 20 completed matches.

By the results, the strongest team of this season is Right Way team, who visited all matches in time, never lost and took the 1st place. Congratulations!
Need 4 Combat team becomes the runner-up. They met twice with their final opponent during this cup but hadn't any luck at these matches. Matches with other teams wasn't a big problem for them.
The third place goes to Polish Connection Patriots. They was lucky this season, the luck is important too.

Special thanks to:

Alone aka [ATOM]TR

And everyone else who helped to make this show possible.

Game servers was provided by GTA.Ru and ex-alkar.net

all info saved in our forums.

about upcoming cups, comin soon, stay tuned!


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