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Forum » cuntHunters » General Discussion » SA-MP DUELLISTS Championship Season VIII - 1 on 1 (00/64 (subs 0))
SA-MP DUELLISTS Championship Season VIII - 1 on 1
zofiDate: Th, 2013 Sep 05, 9:54 PM | Message # 1
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Like the Duellist Championship 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, same rules, but with a few additions.

The Pro League is for talented fighters who can play with RW and WW.


So duels can be monitored more easily we suggest you play on any of the U or official servers with ANTICHEAT installed. A new special duel zone has been added for this championship. (Type /duel invite PLAYERID WEPID for weapon list type /gunlist )

-Duels must be done on U servers equipped with Duellists Championship Gamemode and Anticheat loaded.
If a server is bugged, you may compete on another official server, but keeping in mind all DC rules.

If you want to sign up, do a reply in a DC topic, BUT DONT FORGET TO HAVE AT LEAST 2 OFFICIALS IN YOUR XFIRE/MSN.

Anticheat must be installed with a clean fresh GTA game.


-In order to win, you must have at least 2 kills difference with your opponent, starting from 6 kills.
(if the score is 5 - 6, then you must continue duelling until 2 kills difference, like 5 - 7)
4 - 6 = win
5 - 7 = win
6 - 8 = win
7 - 9 = win
8 - 10 = win
9 - 11 = win
If final score 10 - 10, then damage caused to opponent is added up from all duels. Winner is the player who caused most damage. If this is not yet part of the U DC gamemode system, then a referee must select a weapon or set of weapons that would appear fair for each. Mp5, 9mm or Pistols. If both duellists agree to a weapon, then that will be the final weapon choice. Final score 10 - 11.


-Before each duel battle, in turn, you can select any combination of weapons (2 maximum per person per duel) amongst following weapons: shotgun, deagle, mp5, m4, AK47, sniper, sawnoff, tec9, spas12.

-Respect the time deadline. Make sure you add your opponent to your msn/xfire etc. Failure to complete a duel within time limits will result in disqualification of either both or one of duellists. If one proves by posting here for duel preparation that he has done his/her best to get the duel done, then they can go through to next round.

-DUELLIST OFFICIALS must attend all duels. Finals refs will be decided by the organiser. They should be equipped with fraps or any means of filming. Upload here or to youtube each match.

-Matches must be filmed if you are asked to fraps by an official, so results can or cannot be contested. Add them to the VIDEO section by uploading here, or to youtube.
-Upload a screenshot of your game before and after the duel. No exiting the game before you do this.
-Prolonged time outs, or timing out when asked to fraps may lead to your disqualification. Warping and bad internet will either lead to planning a duel for another date while you fix your problem, or getting disqualified if you can't fix it.
-After your duels, edit your first duel preparation post by adding result, screenshot or video link, server info and weapons used.

If an official asks for video footage or screenshots to be uploaded, comply or you will be disqualified, regardless of the opponent's opinion.

-C bug allowed of course. Avoid mods, play without CLEO.
-Minimum fps is 35.

-Internet connection speed must be stated when you sign up
-A filming device (fraps) must be installed so you can record your duel if asked.
-Specify the server you wish to fight on, if [U] servers are unavailable. IP logs from that server must be accessible (ask the owner for an extract after your duel and pm me with result and IPs for cross reference). If you fight on any [U] United Army server, don't worry, just specify the date and time of your duel.
-Avoid any flaming. Be respectful. Terminate your enemy in style, but with dignity.
-Toggling, general hacking, abusive modding, or drastic pathetic attempts to win a match like by quitting before death, are forbidden. Do not run programs to make your ping waver. Insufficient inernet connections that waver and produce warping effects effecting hitboxes will be considered as a reason to disqualify.

-This championship is FREE, but you may donate whenever you like by paypal to u-09@live.com to keep servers and webs alive. Group donations lead also to big prizes.

Time to sign up for season 8

-Nick, contact info

By signing up you agree to all duellist rules.
signup click here

Forum » cuntHunters » General Discussion » SA-MP DUELLISTS Championship Season VIII - 1 on 1 (00/64 (subs 0))
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